Avon Product / Brochure Databases

We are currently upgrading/changing servers. Some downloads will be unavailble until the changes are complete. Please email us at: canadadatainputer@live.ca (Canada) and usdatainputter@live.ca (USA) if you need anything before the migration is complete.

The databases include all the brochure product information including descriptions, sizes and prices is included for each Avon Campaign.
These files are available for United States and Canada Representatives.

Avon Product Brochure Database files are available in serveral standard formats:
United States: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Comma Separated Values (CSV), Nova Business Program, and AV4 Customer Order Management.
Canada: Microsoft Access and AV4 Customer Order Management.

There is a nominal fee to purchase, select a link below for more details.

United States Formats: Canada Formats: