New AV4 Program

October 20, 2009

Hello All,

I have OK news, good news and better news!!!

Thank you all for your backing in the new adventure of redeveloping AV4. I am sorry for keeping you on pins and needles for so long. This has been a very roller coaster 2 months. But I feel that the solution I am about to bring forward to you, will benefit us all in a very positive way.

I will start off with the OK news first.As of today we have had 114 commits to a program that has not been developed yet. This is a huge backing and in a way more than I could have asked for in today’s economy both in the States and Canada. I thank you for all of those that have committed and you will be refunded in the next 24hours.

The Good news is that the current AV4 as you know it will continue with support and continue to be available. I will be acquiring the software and scripts/programming in the next few days from the Hill family. There is a developer that has been found that I can work with. The first task at hand will be to fix the web submit for Canada, in the early part of November.

If a part of the AV4 program needs to be rewritten, then you will need to purchase the fix for it, in order to help me pay the developer. There will be a $5 charge for each bundle of fixes that you purchase that involves a developer to do changes to the code. If one person has issues or error codes, I help you fix that issue as part of the original contract you had with Robert. There are no foreseen issues at this time with the program as it is very stable. The only component that may cause issues right now is the web submit portion if you use it. At this time only functional defects to AV4 will be addressed in the future.

The better news is that a new AV4 may be developed within the next year. Once the developers have all that they require, they will look into it and see how to build onto what is existing with other software to make it bigger and better. We will know in a couple of months what can be done. Please stay tuned. The new AV4, this time will not be mandatory, but a choice if you wish to purchase it.

In preparation of the Sierra Soft site site closing in the next few months, my current website will contain more of the existing AV4 information and a new forum will be created in the next few weeks.

Please direct all comments or suggestions to

Thank you again for all your support and I look forward to working with you all more in the future.

Have a great day